ModernLoop Company Values

ModernLoop Company Values

How we work

  • We constantly seek the truth. We have the discipline to seek the truth on every challenge and constantly push to be the best version of ourselves. We strive to tie every decision back to concrete customer feedback and data.
  • We believe in mutual respect. We value others and treat them with care and kindness. We believe in listening, actively and attentively so that we can truly understand each other (and our customers!).
  • We trust in extreme accountability. We believe results matter and that we're all accountable for the overall business outcomes. We'll find a way to get results, including by working with each other to do things differently. Roles and organization boundaries aren't what matter. We never assign blame to others, and never say "that's not my fault".
  • We believe in being open. We are open to new ideas, different working styles, different opinions and most importantly feedback. We believe in transparency and sharing information so everyone knows what is going on.